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Innovative Review Management System that creates the ideal online reputation for your business.

The Benefits of Online Review Management

In business, reputation is everything. Unfortunately for business owners, customers are far more likely to independently leave a negative review about a bad experience they had, rather than leaving a good review about your positive services.

This means that online review management is crucial. By guiding your customers to leave a review after delivering your great products and services, you maximize the positive reviews, which help build a strong online reputation.

The Importance of Online Reviews for Your Business

​With 90% of consumers searching online before they decide on a business to purchase from, your online reputation can take your sales to the next level, or it can severely hold you back.

The moment that potential customers search for your business, they will likely see reviews from Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Angie’s List and any other niche sites related to your industry.

Positive reviews instantly build a sense of trust, making them 500% more likely to choose you. However, discovering negative reviews can instantly send them to your competitors.

Boost Your Trust

For most potential clients, your website is the first thing they discover about your business. Our professionally-designed sites give a positive impression, helping you convert customers.

Boost your sales

5-Star ratings, thumbs up and other glowing reviews instantly translate into more sales, more revenues and more profits for your business, from both new and existing clients.

Encouraging More Positive Reviews

For most potential clients, your website is the first thing they discover about your business. Our professionally-designed sites give a positive impression, helping you convert customers.

Attract Better Talent

Reviews aren’t just important for gaining customers. Companies that have positive online reviews are able to draw in qualified employees that want to work with a reputable brand.

Online reviews impact local seo

Online reviews do far more than just improve your reputation, they are also an important tool to get your business to the top of the local search results in Google.
Each time somebody reviews your “Google My Business” page, it gains authority for your listing helping drive more traffic to your website and storefront. 

ViRaL’s Online Review Management System

We use a unique four-step review management approach that ensures you capture all the positive reviews from your happy customers, then share them across various channels.

1. Create a Custom Review Landing Page

Our professional development team creates a fully branded landing page with links to a selection of the most relevant general and industry-specific review sites.

With just one click, your clients will be taken directly to the review page for everything from Google to Facebook to Yelp, where they can immediately leave a great review about your company!

Once your custom review landing page is active, it’s time to start driving clients to leave reviews. We use a non-invasive approach that includes sending your customer’s expertly-written emails, text messages, and social media connections.

We even utilize a ‘Business Review Card’ that you can hand to your clients in-person! Each card has your logo, a message about reviewing your business with a link and QR code that directs them right to your landing page.

2. Connect Customers & Collect Reviews

3. Share Reviews on Your Website & Social Channels

Now that your positive reviews are flowing in, it is time to highlight them. We use specialized widgets to display all the best customer reviews directly on your website, instantly building trust with anybody that visits.

To spread the reviews and attract more customers, we also provide the opportunity to share reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. More brand visibility, a better reputation, and more sales.

Your customers love when you interact with them. It shows that even after they have made their purchase, you still care about what they have to say and their feedback.

Our review management services include actively monitoring and notifying you whenever a new review is posted. A quick ‘Thank You’ for the positive ones and a polite message about making their experience better on any less-than-perfect reviews goes a long way with building customer loyalty.

4. Review Monitoring and Responding

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions our past clients have had about our online review management services.

Of course. Unlike some companies that will write fake reviews for your business, we engage your actual customers and guide them to easily leave a positive review about your business.

All the reviews come from real people that have used your products and services, helping you grow your brand visibility and increase referrals.

Your review management landing page is a very clean, expertly-designed page that includes your company’s branding, a nice message about why customers should review your business and links to the best review sites for your needs.

Created to be direct and drive conversion rates, using a review management landing page is proven to exponentially increase customer reviews.

Your custom review management landing page will include the major review channels such as Google and Facebook, as well as those which are suited for your industry or niche market.

We have hundreds of review sites to choose from in industries including food, hospitality, travel, trades, medical, real estate and anything else you can think of!

The key to overcoming bad online reviews is to get as many positive reviews as possible. Our review management services maximize excellent reviews by engaging clients immediately after using your services.

So, once you do a great job in delivering your product or services, we capture their five-star reviews. As these are more recent than the existing bad ones, they will be displayed first and rebuild trust with potential clients.

For local SEO, online reviews are one of the most important factors for boosting your search engine rankings. When customers leave reviews about your business, it shows Google that people around you are satisfied with your offerings.

This leads to your business rising above the competition in the local search engine results.

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