Social Media

The social media web is a very noisy one indeed and making sure that you are heard requires you to shout more effectively, rather than louder.

Millions of “Digital Word-of-Mouth” conversations are happening online at any given moment. With its huge user base, social media is a great way to enhance your business’s visibility, gain new traffic, and build strong, lasting relationships with your current and potential customers.

These “Social Signals” are an indirect factor in Google’s search algorithm when assessing a website’s ranking in search engines that effect and enhance SEO efforts. The ability to implement hashtags and links presents SMM as a great channel for increasing brand awareness, customer retention and new customer generation. Targeting to your potential customers by means of social media can be pivotal to your business.

Benefits from Social Media Marketing:

Gain Website Traffic

Increase Search Ranking

Generate Leads

Convert Prospects Into Clients

Increase Customer Retention

Enhance Brand Awareness

Provide Customer Service

Inform About Products or Services​

Announce Specials or Events

Social Media networks

At ViRaL, we use a wide range of social media platforms to maximize your online visibility and capture every possible lead. Our experts will identify the social channels that best capture the attention of your target audience, building a following where it matters most!



With 1.6 billion daily active users, Facebook is the platform for building your online brand, no matter your location, industry or demographic. The ViRaL team uses the most effective strategies to get the most out of your Facebook profile.


We optimize all aspects of your Facebook business profile from graphics to biographies and regular posting, keeping you connected with your followers on a daily basis.


Facebook advertising allows you to pinpoint your target market and deliver dynamic Pay-Per-Click ads that maximize reach while minimizing cost.


Instantly connect with followers that have questions about your products or services with our automated Facebook Messenger management, helping turn social followers into paying customers.


Far beyond sharing photos, Instagram has emerged as the most dynamic social platform for reaching the next generation of consumers. ViRaL develops and delivers Instagram campaigns that use brilliant visuals and engaging copy to build and convert users.


Each new post, appealing visual and updated bio link that we deliver are designed to captivate and convert your target market included in the over 1 billion active Instagram users per month.


Ready to reach your key demographic with targeted Pay-Per-Click Instagram ads? Our team optimize each campaign to boost conversion rates while maintaining a low budget.


We use DM’s to update your followers on all your latest promotions, sales and product launches, keeping your brand fresh in their mind!


Over 500 million Tweets are sent per day, making it extremely attractive for businesses to reach potential clients in 280 characters or less! With 80% of US Twitter users described as ‘affluent millennials’, there is no better way to attract the next generation than with our eye-catching visuals and engaging tweets.


From your cover photo to a memorable bio and everything in-between, our Twitter specialists will develop a Twitter profile that engages and excites online audiences.


Twitter gives you the opportunity to market your business to users directly in their feed, letting you get more eyes on your brand for a very limited ad-spend!


Businesses that regularly engage with customers on Twitter not only improve their sales, but also create a sense of brand loyalty that sets up future upselling opportunities.


What began as a social platform for professionals to connect has grown into an incredible opportunity for brands to reach both personal and B2B clients. Our experts ensure that your LinkedIn account includes a look and feel that is right for your brand, while delivering engaging content that will drive audiences to your business.


Whether you are targeting corporate clients, looking to attract the best talent for your company or just want to increase brand visibility, we will make sure your LinkedIn profile is right for your goals.


Our LinkedIn specialists develop striking marketing materials that immediately capture the attention of B2C or B2B clients, depending on your needs.


As you build connections, LinkedIn Messenger is an amazing tool that keeps you in contact with those you are interested in your latest product launches, new services and more!

Google Business

Google My Business

Whenever a potential client searches for your industry on Google, you want to be the first local option to be displayed. That’s why the ViRaL team uses a wide range of strategies to keep your My Business listing at the forefront, providing instant visibility that includes your company’s contact information, location on Google Maps, Google Reviews and more.


We optimize all elements of your My Business profile to ensure that you have all the latest information about your business including your website link, phone number, social media, locations and more.

Local SEO

Google My Business is the perfect way to let the local community know who you are and where they can find you! We capture every potential lead in your area to get more people in your doors and talking about your business.


90% of consumers will read a review about a business before they deal with them. We help you get more 5-star reviews on My Business by enticing clients to post their positive experiences, building a positive brand image for your business.

Video Marketing and Social Media

Videos stand out on social media, giving customers a quick overview of a product or service without overwhelming them with text. In less than thirty seconds, a customer can get the information they need about a business through a short, visually-appealing video. Video marketing is emerging as one of the most popular ways to reach out to customers.


Hashtags are the red blood cells of social media marketing. This trend started on Twitter, and companies have realized the use of Hashtags for exponential exposure of their content. Other social media networks have caught on, and the hashtag is ruling the Internet.


SEO is no longer complete without integrating social media marketing. SEO experts are investing more than ever in the use of backlinks to drive website traffic. It is now more prudent than ever to invest in quality SEO activities that will enhance your social media presence and route traffic to your website.

Why choose us?

We will handle the Social Media so you can focus on growing your business.

ViRaL Team

ViRaL’s services are best suited for small/medium businesses that would like to enhance their social presence but don’t have the time to do it and don’t want to spend a fortune to obtain great results. We will manage your reputation in the social world so that you have more time to spend growing your business.

ViRaL will develop the posts, create a posting schedule, and brand your social media pages to ensure that you have a consistent image across your entire online presence. By sharing professional-looking, engaging, and relevant content, the sky is the limit for your success on social media. When you’re ready to start marketing more effectively on social media, contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the questions that most business owners have about our Social Media Marketing services.

Absolutely. Social media is where your target audience is. People of all ages, interests, and socio-economic statuses are on social media. In today’s digital age, Social Media platforms have a bigger reach than all TV channels combined.

As all of our campaigns are 100% tailored to your business, the type of content and posting frequency depends on what you are trying to accomplish and what works best with your core audience.
Our social media specialists understand the strategies that get the most out of each campaign and we continuously analyze social data to optimize the type of content, posting frequently, posting times and more!

Social media, like any other type of advertising, depends on your target audience. At ViRaL, we begin by conducting a free initial web presence analysis before developing a customized social media strategy for you.

Our team understands the best way to connect with your target demographic, then use the relevant channels on both major and niche social media platforms to boost brand recognition, web presence and profits.

While it’s great that you already understand the importance of social media for your business, doing it yourself while also taking care of daily operations can be a handful. Our experienced team understands how to craft effective social media campaigns that accomplish your goals as a business, while keeping costs low and engagement high on a regular basis.

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