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In order to properly plan out your digital marketing and SEO campaign, we first need to understand everything about your current online presence. We do this by completing a full Web Presence Analysis of all the properties your company currently has online, allowing us to see what is performing well and where improvements need to be made. This allows us to examine each channel of your web presence, turning the valuable data we discover into the foundation for a customized digital marketing plan.

What Our Web Presence Audits Include

We take a full-scale approach to analyze seven factors that are instrumental to online business optimization.

A major aspect of SEO, your website needs to be easy for visitors and search engine robots to understand. If a web crawler can’t figure out what each page on your site is about, it will devalue your site. SEO helps the engines understand the relevance of every page, and how it may be useful for visitors.
Comprehensive Website Audit

A Website Audit analyzes all of the important technical details that can lower your site’s rankings. Fixing issues like broken links and missing tags can drastically boost your SEO rankings. This helps us identify any technical problems that must be fixed immediately when beginning your SEO campaign.

When consumers search for something online, they are typing in “keywords.” The keywords found on your website must be relevant to their search, so they can find your business easily. SEO makes sure that your online marketing strategy includes the keywords that your customers are most likely to use.
Keyword Ranking & Visibility

The Keyword Ranking & Visibility Analysis is the key report that will show what keywords your website is appearing for, in major search engines. More so, it shows the rankings of those keywords and the positions that they appear in. This report allows us to monitor the progress of your digital marketing campaign.

When people in your area search for the products or services related to your business, showing up at the top of the Local Search results means more local customers for you. Appearing high in local search results relies primarily on the quantity of citations from established, high-ranking directories like Google Business pages and Yelp.
Local Listings

A Local Listings Analysis determines the quantity and quality of your local business citations, as well as ensuring that all the information about your company is correct. This could mean the difference between someone coming to you or literally driving right by your business.

High quality backlinks increase the relevance of your website, meaning that Google is more likely to recognize your site as a reliable and popular source for information. When this happens, it is more likely to direct people to your company, improving your search engine ranking and conversion rates.
Our Backlinks Analysis provides all the information about the backlinks that are coming back to your site. Then, our SEO specialists use this data to optimize all links, building the relevance and popularity of your website.
With 90% of consumers searching for a business online before deciding which company to go with, your reputation makes a big first impression on potential customers. When they search for your brand, they will be able to see reviews on everything from Facebook to Google+ to Yelp.
Online Reputation
By reviewing all online reviews left about your business, we get an understanding of your current digital reputation. This lets us build on a positive reputation or improve negative ones, helping shine a positive light in your company across all platforms.

With over 2 billion users worldwide across social media, there is no denying its importance in any digital marketing plan. A great foundation for brand visibility and connecting with new customers, your social presence can be the difference between standing out among your competitors.

Social Presence
Your Social Presence Analysis will offer valuable insights into the performance of all active social profiles, the frequency of content posting, user interaction and more. This information is then analyzed to create a social presence that will engage clients, get eyes on your company and contribute to a well-rounded SEO campaign.

In order to help you stand out from your competition, we first need to understand them. That is why we conduct thorough research of businesses in your space, understanding what they are doing right to attract clients, as well as how we can gain a competitive advantage.

Competitor Research

Our competitor research includes a review of their Search Engine Rankings including keyword usage, social media profiles and connectivity, their general online presence and any additional marketing including emails, re-targeting and advertising that they are using to reach your potential clients.

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